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The Faerie fall into three rough divisions: the Summer Court (the Seelie), the Winter Court (the Unseelie), and the various Wyld powers in between the Courts. Neither major Court is absolutely “good” or “evil,” but instead embodies the characteristics of their season.

Each Court has three rulers: the Queen Who Was (the Mother), the Queen Who Is (the Queen), and the Queen Who Is To Come (the Lady). The Mother holds vast power, but she is beholden to the natural order and thus takes little active part in the rulership of the Court. The Queen holds a substantial share of power and uses it to rule. The Lady holds the smallest portion of power, but she also has the most freedom of action, the closest access to the mortal world, and the most ability to act independently.

Some of the fae prefer hanging out in the mortal world to spending their lives in the Nevernever. This may be because humanity offers various fleshly pleasures (such as pizza), or because the fae in question needs to interact with humanity or nature in order to fulfill its purpose.


Among the faerie, Sidhe is a state of being that is somewhat political and somewhat biological. A sidhe has all of the abilities of their faerie type, raised to greater heights of power. They are the aristocracy of Faerie, and this mindset must be considered (no matter which Court — or no Court — they are associated with) when dealing with them.

Sidhe cannot tell a direct lie, but instead are masters of twisting words in order to convey falsehoods without actually lying. They are strictly concerned with the wording rather than the intent of agreements and will specifically place loopholes in agreements which they can exploit. In almost every case, a mortal making a deal with a Sidhe will end up causing the mortal to get the short end of the stick with any attempts to withdraw from the deal causing the mortal to become further involved with the Sidhe.

Sidhe Knights

Sidhe Knights, the champions of the Courts, ensure the balance between the Courts of Faerie. While the Faerie Queens cannot kill anyone who isn’t attached to their Court through birthright or bargain, the Knights can. The Knights can also act in affairs not directly related to Faerie, making them the primary outlet of the Faerie Courts for intrigue in the mortal world.

This relative freedom is, of course, enabled by the fact that Sidhe Knights must be mortal.

Source: Old World Order: Faeries

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Old World Order - Faeries

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