Old World Order - Mortals

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Mortals constitute the bulk of humanity, and the prey of many supernatural entities. They aren’t a supernatural faction per se, but they do represent a constant threat to the supernatural order — especially en masse.

While more-or-less clueless to the supernatural shenanigans happening around them, hordes of mortals roused to action can be a danger to the supernatural nations. For most of history, calling mortal authorities into an arcane fracas was akin to calling in an airstrike. After the Industrial Revolution, with the wide availability of steel weapons, guns, and ever more deadly technologies, the mortal threat upgraded to “nuclear” (literally!). For the past three hundred years, the supernatural folk have laid a bit lower than they had in the past.

Unfortunately, opinions on the dangers of mortalkind seem to be changing. Recent Red Court attacks in the Vampire War have killed thousands of unsuspecting mortals in the Third World with impunity. The Paranet is monitoring and publishing supernatural activity around the world. And a handful of mortals have made inroads towards becoming Freeholding Lords.

Source: Old World Order: The Mortals, Evil Hat Productions.

“The Dresden Files” is copyright Jim Butcher. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License, in accord with Jim Butcher’s Fanfiction Policy.

Old World Order - Mortals

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