Old World Order - The White Council

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The White Council is composed of wizards from all nations, and serves as the “supernatural nation” for all wizardkind. The White Council is a signatory of the Unseelie Accords.

The White Council restricts membership to magicians of a minimum power level. Most wizards are apprenticed to a member of the White Council, and join the council themselves as full members when they pass the trials of wizardry. Members get a vote in Council deliberations, and agree to abide by its rules. A member is obliged to represent the White Council if necessary.

The White Council is governed by the Senior Council: seven wizards of age, skill, power, and knowledge. The leader of the Senior Council (and thus the entire White Council) is called “the Merlin.” They set policy by majority vote — usually of the entire membership of the White Council, but a Senior Council member can restrict matters to a closed vote of just the Senior Council.

The language used in White Council conclaves is Latin. All members attending a full meeting of the Council wear a robe with a stole that denotes their rank (no stole for apprentices, blue for junior wizards, red for senior ones, purple for Senior Council members).

The Senior Council (its governing body) ensures that most wizards in the world respect the Laws of Magic and disposes of the ones who don’t (via its Wardens; see below).

It maintains alliances with other occult groups like the Venatori Umbrorum, the Fellowship of St. Giles, and a few monasteries in Tibet and India.


The Wardens are the guardians (and often executioners) of the White Council. They are responsible for enforcing the Laws of Magic, policing both the White Council and the magical community outside it. A Warden is expected to protect mortals in his area, to be vigilant against supernatural threats in his region, to represent the Council in matters of diplomacy, to aid and assist other wizards who require aid and protection, and — when required — to strike out at the enemies of the Council.

All Wardens are battle-capable wizards of high skill and power. Warden security protocols are some of the best magical countermeasures in the world. They are trained in the use of wardhounds in this work, and they also have access to voluminous (if sometimes incomplete and out-of-date) dossiers on various supernatural players.

Their tokens of office are a plain grey cloak and a special sword—both serve as a sign of their authority, and the Warden’s sword is a puissant and useful enchanted weapon.

Subject to the Senior Council, they have their own Captain and are structured under regional Commanders. Regional commanders are in charge of security and operation for a large area (up to half a continent — though these current vast demesnes are certainly due to the current Vampire War; before this, four regional commanders normally handled North America alone).

Source: Old World Order: The White Council, Evil Hat Productions.

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Old World Order - The White Council

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